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The world is full of wonderful, powerful ideas.

Each and every one of the world's problems are solved by applying the right ideas in the right situations, and all problems are rooted in the greatest problem: ignorance. Avant Midi Publishing serves the public good in its journey towards a higher plane of knowledge. Our goal is to elevate human consciousness through education and kind action, one reader at a time.

From our Canadian offices, we've been helping writers and authors find their voices since 2015.

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Recent News

  • Yesterday: God as explained by my Grandma
    Yesterday: God as explained by my Grandma

    Yesterday was a rough day. We witnessed my grandmother—born in a small Italian village at the end of the first world war—being put to rest after a rich 98-year-and-4-month life. Growing up, I often heard stories of how strong she was, both physically and otherwise, lifting bundles of firewood and handling harvest baskets as well

  • Business vs. Busyness
    Business vs. Busyness

    Business is a system for providing valuable service to others. Starting a business means that you’re dedicating yourself to developing and implementing a new system of rendering service. This probably involves a large investment of time, but that time is spent in an organized way with specific goals in mind. Once the system is up

  • Your Favorite Proverb
    Your Favorite Proverb

    Every now and then you’ll hear an expression that immediately resonates with you. It touches a spot deep within and brings to mind a truth you’ve always known. The crude elements of that truth, formed through various life experiences, connect into a cohesive idea in your mind when presented simply and eloquently as a proverb.