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Business vs. Busyness

Business vs. Busyness
Make it your business to live well. Make every thought you think and action you perform serve you and others. This doesn't refer to any specific activity; you'll need to judge how best to act, or not act.Avant Midi

Business is a system for providing valuable service to others. Starting a business means that you’re dedicating yourself to developing and implementing a new system of rendering service. This probably involves a large investment of time, but that time is spent in an organized way with specific goals in mind. Once the system is up and running, your time can be spent elsewhere; either developing another system, or enjoying the fruits of your investments.

This is light-years from what some call being “busy”. From a social obsession with busyness, we’ve somehow arrived at a place where sitting with your head down on a phone hunting pokemon is a socially acceptable use of your time.

Living and Dying

We are beings of infinite potential, and whatever you may be achieving today is only scratching the surface of what you’re truly capable of. Simply by being born, you’ve already overcome the most difficult odds you’ll ever encounter. By the fact of being alive, you know without a doubt that you’re a champion.

I read a book by Carlos Castaneda recently, and one of the biggest lessons was the insistent reminder that each of us is going to die. Death is constantly following, watching your actions over your left shoulder, and waiting for its moment. Eventually, you’ll feel a tap on that shoulder, and you’ll know your time has arrived. With this knowledge, how could anyone squander a moment of precious time in an unworthy cause?

Does that seem a little dark? Death is doing us a great favour by staying close, and every now and then it reminds us of its closeness. If we’re aware of these reminders, we can reevaluate our choices and live better and fuller, to finally receive death with a clear heart.

This also reminds me of a quote by my mentor, Bob Proctor:

Most people tip-toe through life, hoping they make it safely to death.

What is a good way to live?

Personal development and spirituality are two paths that connect you to your higher self through self-study, meditation, and personal growth techniques. By becoming better acquainted with who you are, you’ll realize more and more of what you’re capable of. And trust me, there is no end to that journey.

Make it your business to live well. Make every thought you think and action you perform serve you and others. This doesn’t refer to any specific activity; you’ll need to judge how best to act, or not act. Sometimes, the best thing to do is relax. Listen to your body and give it what it needs. Take some time off from your busy life to become acquainted with the art of relaxation, as in the beloved Italian expression il dolce far niente (the joy of doing nothing).
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Having a great year

There are no accidents. The fact that you’re reading this means that you’re not only aware that you deserve more and better, you’re also ready and willing to accept it into your life. And that’s exactly what you’ll get; imagine the life you want, and by learning to accept it, it will get closer and closer to your personal reality. Ask yourself, honestly, if the pokemon you’ve caught (or whatever else you’re doing) is worthy of your time. The answer will help you guide your future decisions.

This year, instead of busyness, aim to invest your time in worthy endeavours that will benefit yourself and others.

Wishing you love, joy, peace, and success for 2017!



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