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  • Feynman Method: Earning a Million Dollars

    Feynman Method: Earning a Million Dollars0

    I recently read an article about Richard Feynman, the greatly admired scientist and nice guy. Before reading on, I urge you to check out the article to learn the amazing technique Feynman used to help share his understanding of an incredibly complex field (quantum physics) with countless people. Basically, the article explains Feynman’s unique teaching

  • Becoming a Morning Person

    Becoming a Morning Person0

    The morning is, without question, the most wonderful time of day. It is the time when—after a long, dark night—our land turns to greet the sun and we’re blessed with warmth and light as it peeks over the horizon. Whatever uncertainty lay in the night’s gloom is instantly banished in the hope of a new

  • Imagining your “Best Case Scenario”

    Imagining your “Best Case Scenario”0

    It’s amazing how a slight change in the way we think can manifest big changes in our reality. Last Tuesday, I was fortunate enough to experience one such change. I was doing yoga—you know, the act of stretching your body into unnatural contortions to release physical and mental tensions—and was really feeling the downward dog

  • Releasing Time Monopolies

    Releasing Time Monopolies0

    We’re each given a limited amount of time on this earth. Life is a wonderful gift, and each moment is so precious; furthermore, our time here can end at any moment. We make plenty of plans for next week, next month, and years from now, but none of us really know if we’ll still be