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  • Business vs. Busyness

    Business vs. Busyness0

    Business is a system for providing valuable service to others. Starting a business means that you’re dedicating yourself to developing and implementing a new system of rendering service. This probably involves a large investment of time, but that time is spent in an organized way with specific goals in mind. Once the system is up

  • Your Favorite Proverb

    Your Favorite Proverb1

    Every now and then you’ll hear an expression that immediately resonates with you. It touches a spot deep within and brings to mind a truth you’ve always known. The crude elements of that truth, formed through various life experiences, connect into a cohesive idea in your mind when presented simply and eloquently as a proverb.

  • Real Democracy: Every Dollar is a Vote

    Real Democracy: Every Dollar is a Vote0

    With the flaws of the democratic/electoral system becoming increasingly evident, questions arise about how “democratic” our society really is. Are we as free as we think? Are there aspects of society that hinder our freedom, rather than enhance it? Democracy or not, there is something that gives people real power to influence circumstances around them,

  • Feynman Method: Earning a Million Dollars

    Feynman Method: Earning a Million Dollars0

    I recently read an article about Richard Feynman, the greatly admired scientist and nice guy. Before reading on, I urge you to check out the article to learn the amazing technique Feynman used to help share his understanding of an incredibly complex field (quantum physics) with countless people. Basically, the article explains Feynman’s unique teaching

  • Becoming a Morning Person

    Becoming a Morning Person0

    The morning is, without question, the most wonderful time of day. It is the time when—after a long, dark night—our land turns to greet the sun and we’re blessed with warmth and light as it peeks over the horizon. Whatever uncertainty lay in the night’s gloom is instantly banished in the hope of a new

  • Releasing Time Monopolies

    Releasing Time Monopolies0

    We’re each given a limited amount of time on this earth. Life is a wonderful gift, and each moment is so precious; furthermore, our time here can end at any moment. We make plenty of plans for next week, next month, and years from now, but none of us really know if we’ll still be

  • Earl Nightingale’s Most Important Lesson

    Earl Nightingale’s Most Important Lesson0

    Earl Nightingale’s famous LP “The Strangest Secret” describes his dilemma as a boy: why do so few succeed financially, while the vast majority barely manage to scrape a living? Growing up in a country where riches abound and success is available to anyone, why are so many people struggling? His family was among the latter,

  • The Story of A.M.

    The Story of A.M.0

    Who are we and why should you care? We’re here to ask for your help. Something important we’ve learned reading lots of books is that to be served, you must first serve. Here’s a little about myself: I love books; reading them, sharing them, discussing them… though I’ve always been interested in learning new things,