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The Story of A.M.

The Story of A.M.
"Something important we've learned reading lots of books is that to be served, you must first serve. If our thoughts can help even one person feel good, at any point in time, isn't that a worthwhile reason to share them?"Avant Midi Publishing

Who are we and why should you care?

We’re here to ask for your help. Something important we’ve learned reading lots of books is that to be served, you must first serve.

Here’s a little about myself:

I love books; reading them, sharing them, discussing them… though I’ve always been interested in learning new things, books are especially attractive because they’re a snapshot of someone’s mind from the inside. Any person has the opportunity to transfer their deepest thoughts—parts of themselves—to others for hundreds, even thousands of years after they’re gone. While reading a book recently by Neville Goddard, I realized he’s been dead for more than 40 years. Yet, his words touched me deeply and helped me understand things in my life, today, long after he’d written them. The Bible was written over 1500 years ago, and people still get a kick out of it! If my thoughts can help even one person feel good, at any point in time, isn’t that a worthwhile reason to share them?

My career thus far has been in Education. I love learning, and hope to help others love learning too. When considering how much I’ve grown—emotionally, and in terms of happiness and well-being—thanks to school, cultural exchanges, personal study… I’m shocked at the cumulative changes.

As Editor for publications at a world-renowned university, my contributions have a significant impact on the quality of services and help share important information with a huge number of people every day. After a few years in that full-time nine-to-five gig, I started feeling limited in my ability to spread educational love.

We all have an undiscovered idea inside of us of immeasurable value, waiting to be polished and brought to light.

Now, I want to go bigger.

I want to spread the ideas that have elevated me and others to a higher quality of person. These are ideas that teach you to go above and beyond your current life situation—to transcend—and discover a new paradigm. By putting these ideas elegantly and simply, through various media, and presenting them in new and different ways, people can engage in ways they enjoy with messages that will serve them and their environments.

Thus came the idea for Avant Midi Publishing, aimed at giving additional exposure to all the authors, philanthropists, visionaries, and community members dedicated to spreading love and elevating others. We all have an undiscovered idea inside of us of immeasurable value, waiting to be polished and brought to light. Just one of these ideas, presented in the right way, has the power to completely transform the world around us for the better. Just one—and we each have several of them! These gems, when shared with others, inspire more ideas, and with each one new momentum is built towards a worthy future.

Now, this does not mean I think the world needs “saving”. Everything that has led us to this point has been a wondrous miracle, because: here we are. The world we live in—every bit of it—is as wondrous and miraculous as anything can be. I love everything about this world, and want to appreciate every moment of joy and ounce of blessing I have and continue to receive, and share it with others. Sure, there are things I feel badly about and think aren’t right; situations I would change and experiences I actively avoid. There is, however, so much more that we can be and strive towards. Our potential to experience love and joy is infinite; likewise, our potential to create love and joy is infinite, and only by actively contributing to love and joy can we steer ourselves in that direction.

Many authors speak about goals, decisions, and the power of thought. The truth in these lessons have had a huge impact on improving the lives of countless people, including me. In following with these lessons, I believe we should set a goal together. Let’s set the goal to lead happier, more enjoyable lives, and create happier, more enjoyable environments around us by translating the lessons of this knowledge into action. Although it sometimes seems like we have little to no control over our circumstances, I’m living proof that we can change our circumstances by changing our thoughts. Has anyone else experienced this?

An abundance of examples of people who took a success “quantum leap” in a very short time are available to those who are interested. The best way to prove these ideas, however, is to try them. For 30 days, change your thoughts by focusing on what you want and assuming the feeling of already having it. Imagine yourself living as though your desire were already fulfilled. After 30 days of practicing this mental exercise as often as possible, notice what has changed in your life.

So much has been said on this subject, and I will say more about it in further blog posts. For now, let’s just say that ideas are powerful, and my goal is to share the most positive, uplifting ideas with as many people as possible.

Thank you for reading, your thoughts and comments are welcome!

P.s.: Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!


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